Research on technology improvement of cement pipe equipment


0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; At present, China ’s cement production enterprises mainly use five technologies in the methods of improving grinding efficiency, which are cement pre-grinding, device modification, powder separator modification The use of new grinding bodies and grinding aids. Qingzhou Sanlong Building Material Equipment FactoryCement pipe equipmentFrom the perspective of the grinding efficiency of the mill, the device modification technology is explored.

In the grinding process of cement pipe equipment, there is a direct relationship between the grinding efficiency and the size of the material particles and the size of the grinding body. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, it is feasible to control the size of the grinding body. Because there are many methods to control the size of the grinding body and it is easy to implement, some companies prefer the latter between technology optimization and device modification.

Among them, there are four main ways of transformation: sieve partition bin board, micro-abrasive body, activation device, and graded lining board. The sieve partition bin board is a device for sieving the materials of the fine grinding bin, which can strengthen the grinding effect of the device and screen the fine materials that have been ground in time.

The micro-grinding body can increase the contact area with the material. For the material that is easy to grind, it can greatly improve the grinding efficiency and strengthen the grinding effect. The activation device refers to the installation of a "trapezoidal device" inside the original device, so that a specific angle is formed between the mill lining plate and the mill shaft, so that during the grinding process, the grinding body will be along the lining plate inside the device By doing circular and axial movements, the movement intensity has been greatly increased, thereby improving the grinding efficiency.

The graded liner refers to the classification of grinding bodies of different sizes within the device, and at the same time, the size of the materials is sieved, so that the larger grinding bodies pulverize the larger volume materials and the smaller grinding bodies are finely ground to achieve Excellent grading work effect.

In general, by adopting the method of internal device transformation, the grinding efficiency of cement pipe equipment is greatly improved, and the cost is low, and the input cost is not high, which is beneficial to the development of cement production enterprises.

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