• Single-slot die-opening suspended roller tube die
    Single-slot die-opening suspended roller tube die

    The traditional cement pipe mold is convenient for mold opening, and it is generally slit on both sides. Durin

  • Centrifuge tube mould
    Centrifuge tube mould

    Used in conjunction with the main unit of the centrifugal cement pipe making machine, it is used to produce ce

  • Cement culvert mould
    Cement culvert mould

    The processing materials are steel plates, castings, and loose-knot screws. The steel plates are rolled into c

  • Cement pipe mould
    Cement pipe mould

    It is a mold for the production of cement pipes. It is used in conjunction with a cement pipe machine to produ

  • Drain pipe steel mould
    Drain pipe steel mould

    , Refers to the steel mold used for the production of concrete drainage pipes, is an important part of the cem

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