Concrete pipe making equipment

Concrete pipe making equipment


Mainly include suspended roller host, mold, mixer, etc. Forced mixer should be used for concrete mixing. Commonly used models are JS 500, 750, 1000, which has good effect of mixing dry hard concrete , High efficiency, generally installed behind the host,

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0010010 nbsp;, Mainly include suspended roller host, mold, mixer, etc., the concrete mixer should be forced mixer, commonly used models such as JS 500, 750, 1000, mixing dry hard concrete Good, high efficiency, generally installed behind the host, the height of the cutting port is generally higher. 0010010 nbsp;

0010010 nbsp; The concrete mixer can be equipped with cement scale, water scale and additive scale. It is used in conjunction with the cement silo and batching machine. It is centrally controlled to ensure the stability and accuracy of the concrete ratio, so as to ensure the design label of the concrete and realize the concrete. Automatic stirring.

0010010 nbsp; The inner lining of the mixing chamber has high abrasion resistance, standard size, easy replacement, excellent performance, reliable and durable.

0010010 nbsp; The mixed concrete falls on the distributor or conveyor, and then is distributed to the storage hopper, and then falls from the storage hopper to the feeder belt, or directly into the feeder trough Evenly fed into the rotating pipe mold, so that the concrete will form a cement pipe from the state of independent sand and gravel.

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