General rules for safe production of concrete pipe equipment


Concrete pipe making equipmentGeneral rules of work safety regulations

  1 In order to further implement the requirements of "adhering to prevention first, implementing safety measures, and ensuring safety in production", refer to relevant safety production regulations, standards, regulations, procedures, systems, anti-accident measures and equipment issued by China and superiors The instruction manual, combined with the specific actual situation of the production activities, formulates the safety operation regulations for each position of the concrete pipe equipment workshop.

  2, the Ministry of Biotechnology (Safety Supervision Department) and safety supervision personnel shall supervise the implementation of safety operation regulations, and have the right to stop illegal operations, illegal command and violation of labor discipline at the production site.

  3 The grassroots team leader is directly responsible for the implementation of this regulation. In daily work, in addition to taking the lead in its own implementation, it should also supervise the staff of the team to strictly abide by the post safety operation regulations. If any violation of the regulations is found, It should be corrected in time.

  4. The production personnel should be proficient in the safety operation regulations of this position, concentrate their energy, regulate the operation, and shall not violate them at will. If there is any difficulty in execution, it should be reported to the team leader in time, until the problem is solved, the right to refrain from executing the wrong command and affirm the reason.

  5. When assigning tasks, the head of the grassroots team should understand the physical health, mentality and technical level of the operators in each position, arrange the work reasonably, and must not arrange newcomers or people who lack practical experience to act alone Operational tasks.

  6. It is strictly forbidden for management personnel and production personnel to drink, squat, change positions, sleep and play chasing and violating behaviors during normal work; non-production personnel shall not be brought to the production site during work.

  7. During the production staff's work, the management personnel must wear safety protective equipment and dress neatly according to the "Safety Regulations" when entering the production site.

  8. Strictly non-electricians are engaged in the operation of concrete pipe equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to disturb equipment not operated by myself.

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