There are still some disadvantages in the concrete pipe equipment industry


At present, China's concrete pipe manufacturing equipment industry has a good momentum of development. The use of waste mineral resources to turn waste into treasure not only reduces environmental pollution and regenerates products that can be used. This advantage of two benefits has made China's concrete equipment manufacturing industry have strong Market investment prospects. In a bright future, we need to stay in peace and have a clear understanding of the disadvantages of China's concrete brick equipment industry.

There are still some drawbacks in China's concrete pipe equipment industry, which should be improved in the following aspects:

One. In the more fierce market competition, companies rely too much on investment to increase, blindly invest in the number of products produced and the output value of the company, and they are prone to enter the "good luck" aggressive situation, which prevents the company's products from "speeding up" and "braking" in a timely manner. . Because the market survey is not detailed enough, resulting in a backlog of products; because the update rate of mechanical products is no less than the update rate of products in the automotive industry, there will be a change every year. In order to understand the dilemma of competition, it can only be sold at a price lower than the normal product price. In this case, it is difficult for enterprises to form a good development on the technical level.

two. The R & D capabilities of products are relatively weak, lacking key technologies and independent brand effects.

three. The supporting components of the product, such as electrical components, hydraulic components, and motor engines lack reliability test data in design selection, which makes the system unit configuration in the design unreasonable and affects the function of the concrete pipe making equipment.

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